Al Wazir Chicken

Persian Resturant In Los Angeles

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Al Wazir is dedicated to creating healthy,nutritious home style food.We follow the finest traditions of Middle-Eastern cuisine .We never use frozen meats or vegetables. Frankly,many of our dishes could not be prepared at home for the same low prices you will find here,at Al Wazir. Our CHICKEN is marinated in natural spices and slowly flame-roasted in our rotisserie ovens.Our Al Wazir chicken is served with fresh GARLIC paste and hot PITA bread. Al Wazir’s fresh,lean BEEF/LAMB is marinated in a delicate mixture of spices and natural oils,flame-broiled and served on a bed of tender,steamed rice. Al Wazir salads are made from farm-fresh vegetables and dressed with spices and pure olive oil.