Fairouz Cafe & Gallery

Resturant In San Diego

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There are some people whose contribution make the world a better place. Fairouz, the famous Lebanese singer, is certainly one of those blessed souls. Not only for her heavenly voice, but also for her big heart and compassion towards those who are most vulnerable. Throughout the hard times in Lebanon, her noble gestures made her standout as a force of benevolence.

Fairouz in Arabic means breathtaking turquoise stone. Turquoise is also one of Alnashashibi’s favorite colors. As a tribute to this amazing lady’s positive, creative and healing energy, the concept of Fairouz Restaurant & Gallery was conceived.

The Alnashashibi family established and operated Fairouz restaurant in 1984, with the hospitality that originated from their beloved city of Jerusalem. As you enter Fairouz Cafe & Gallery, you will feel at home, among friends and family. A welcoming with open hearts to enjoy healthy food and a peaceful time.

We believe that food is a love token for people to share. Borbada is a dessert we offer that mixes barley with cinnamon, raisins, and syrup to create a healthy treat that people commonly share in celebration of Easter. It is a treat which people say goes back to the times of Jesus.