Khyber Pass Zarparan

Persian Resturant In San Diego

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Khyber Pass Zarparan is an authentic family owned restaurant serving the San Diego community, and guests from every corner of the world, for over 36 years.  Today, Anna and Cyrus are continuing this extraordinary tradition by providing delightful, authentic, and gourmet dishes in a welcoming and friendly ambience. 

Cherishing thousands years of history and tradition attached to this cuisine, makes Khyber Pass Zarparn a must dine in restaurant, located in the heart of Hillcrest in beautiful sunny San Diego.

We enthusiastically serve freshly prepared and delicious meals, combining quality ingredients to bring a memorable and unique dining experience. Our dedicated team sincerely thank our precious guests for their continued support and patronage. Please come and surprise your taste buds with our delicious gourmet dishes prepared with love, care, and passion.