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Zoreh Salamatian
Senior Loan Consultant

Arvin Alamshahi
Loan Officer

We understand that every client’s unique goals and needs. Loan America team is dedicated to find the best solution for your unique situation. Let our team of experts guide you through your mortgage process. 

Knowledge is power and we want you to feel the power of working with a mortgage team. With multiple loan options, one-on-one service and an explanation every step of the way, come experience the difference for your purchase or refinance.Considering your unique situation, our mortgage team will lay down the best options that benefit you. We are dedicated to educate our borrowers to be confident in every step of the process of a mortgage. 

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ما درک می کنیم که اهداف و نیازهای منحصر به فرد هر مشتری، متفاوت است. تیم لؤن امریکا برای یافتن بهترین راه حل برای موقعیت منحصر به فرد شما اختصاص یافته است. اجازه دهید تیم کارشناسان ما شما را در فرآیند وام مسکن راهنمایی کنند