Mona Ness


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Begin or deepen your yoga journey with our All-Level Yoga Class, suitable for both novices and experienced practitioners. Participants will be seated on the floor, engaging in gentle therapeutic stretches that incorporate mindful breathing. These exercises help open the body and release stress and tension from muscles and other bodily tissues. By restoring physical balance, this class also aims to free the mind from negative emotions.

If you want your body to be more flexible, to have a stronger body, to have an open and clear mind, to have a cheerful and happy spirit, to have a better understanding of your existence, for more information about different classes based on your age and physical condition. contact me

Certified International Yoga Therapist C-IAYT
Yoga Alliance Teacher and Educator RYT ,YACED


متخصص در یوگا درمانی از امریکا

اگر می خواهيد بدنتان انعطاف بيشتری داشته باشد، بدن قوی تری داشته باشيد، ذهنتان باز و شفاف باشد، روحيه بشاش و شاد داشته باشيد، درک بهتری از وجودتان داشته باشيد، برای اطلاع بيشتر در مورد کلاس های مختلف بر اساس سن و شرایط فيزیکی خود با من تماس بگيرید.