Nersses Vanak

Persian Resturant In Los Angeles

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Nersses Vanak Restaurant is the best authentic Persian Food in Glendale, CA, steeped in history and age old traditions. From homemade bread served fresh and made to order to our delicious and high quality Halal Meats. You can get Kabob, Dizi, Shish Kebab, Abgoosht, Ghorme Sabze and more.

From Kabob to Abgoosht and other delicious stews, you are one taste away from a delicious adventure.

We use only the best Halal meats and we also Make & Bake our Own Taftoon Bread Fresh every single day. Every dish is made with love, authenticity, and most importantly it’s delicious and unforgettable. Our hearty stews and perfectly cooked kabobs are tied to generations of food lovers that used to visit the original restaurant which dates back to 1960.

This tradition has been passed down from father to son, and father to sons, and is now available to all who are lucky enough to taste it in Los Angeles, CA. The Persian and Armenian communities in the area already know the secret and some might even admit that want to keep it all to themselves. But something this delicious and authentic should be experienced by everyone mouth at least once! Make your way over to Nersses Vanak Restaurant so you can tell your friends you have experienced the one and only Nersses Vanak!