Shamshiri Restaurant

Persian Resturant In Los Angeles

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I family comes from a long line of restaurateurs. That is why creating and serving good food is in my heart and soul. I started my professional work at my uncle’s restaurant in 1976 at “The Sunset House” restaurant in Hollywood. After that, I became a chef at the House of Iran (Golestan), which belonged to the Royal King of Iran. In 1981, I opened the first Shamshiri. At Shamshiri Grill, we are dedicated to quality and the spirit of hospitality.

Shamshiri Restaurant

Shamshiri Grill has been offering high-quality Mediterranean comfort cuisine and catering to Los Angeles since 1981. Every day, you can find us in our open-grill kitchen using fresh ingredients for both traditional and creative Persian dishes. Think freshly baked bread, kebabs, lamb curry, tahchin with chicken, and a variety of vegan dishes. Every meal is served in an environment that is easygoing by day, romantic by night, and ideal for every occasion.

Shamshiri takes an all-around Mediterranean approach. We offer a full lunch and dinner menu with personalized traditional Persian recipes along with delectable vegan dishes.