Ziba Beauty | Artesia, CA

Iranian Beauty Salon in Los Angeles

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Ziba Beauty | Artesia, CA

Located in the heart of Artesia’s business district on Pioneer Boulevard, lovingly dubbed “Little India,’ this Ziba Studio is on the site of the first-ever Ziba store.

Visit Ziba Beauty Artesia, where your brows will always be VIPs, with expert beauty artists who have over 20 years of industry experience.

This business, which offers threading, waxing, henna, and facial services, is a must-see and a fantastic justification to eat and shop in infamous Little India.

This studio is on the second floor of the Ziba Plaza, across from the 99 Ranch Market, near the intersection of Pioneer Boulevard and Ashworth Avenue. Persian salons for beauty

Beauty has an allure to it; it embraces people of all ages, shapes, ethnicities, and colors.

Threading: The Art a modernization of an ancient Eastern beauty practice.

THE WAXING ART For long-lasting smooth skin, waxing offers the ideal combination of hair removal and exfoliation. Pleasure, individual expression, achieving your potential, and taking time for yourself should all be part of what it means to be beautiful. We groom skin and sculpt brows to create the ideal palette of natural beauty.

Kundan “Kelly” Sabarwal was raised in a solid, entrepreneurial family. She grew up witnessing her father and brothers create and expand brands abroad, first in her native Iran and then in England and India. Kundan, who was passionate about both business and culture, had a lifelong desire of following in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps. Kundan was married with 3 kids—2 girls and a boy—and resided in New Delhi in the middle of the 1970s. At that point, she transformed the family home’s garage into a threading studio and gave it the Persian name Ziba, which means “beautiful.”

Over time, Kundan realized that Sumita and Suman, her two young girls, were “hanging out” in the garage a little bit more frequently than usual. The sisters took over as their mother’s right hands after becoming fascinated by the business. Nobody at the moment, not even Kundan, understood how the sisters would affect the company. Iranian phone books

After 30 years, Ziba Beauty now operates 12 waxing and threading salons in Southern California and 1 in the Bay Area. The business is widely regarded as the market leader in the brow threading area and is given credit for popularizing the procedure in the United States. Additionally, it is still a family-run company that respects its extremely private and introductory entry into the world of Eastern beauty. Suman Patel is in charge of the Ziba Academy, Mrs. Sabarwal is in charge of the company’s finances, and Sumita Batra is the CEO. Sanjay Sabarwal, Kundan’s son-in-law, and Jagdeep “Jay” Batra, who oversee operations and legal, respectively.